We own brains and rent equipments

To ensure the proper fulfilment of your request, we use our experience and expertise to define the most appropriate route/process and if needed rent the equipment among our available network. The equipment is run by the ICS staff to ensure process control, quality and confidentiality.


Coating on 3D complex parts


Low pressure low temperature (< 150°C) plasma deposition on your materials to enhance/confer specific properties such as  adhesion, anti-wear, anticorrosion...
Based on your specifications,  we define the appropriate surface modification and/or coating to achieve your goal. We have already developed surface optimization on metal and ceramic parts based either on DLC (Diamond-Like-Carbon) or metallic coatings and we are open for discussion for any other support and/or materials to deposit. 

Coating/Functionalization of (nano)powders


Plasma functionalization of powder (particles ranging from nano to micro) to tune their compatibility and/or affinity with targeted matrix or solvent without modifying their intrinsic properties. The versatile dedicated set-ups (batch or continuous) allow to start from gas or liquid (monomers for example) to perform the coating on powder. 

This technique can also be used to achieve protective coating.

Thinner lithium layer for battery miniaturisation


Metallic lithium deposition with control thickness ranging from tens of nanometers to tens of microns. The deposited Li layer density is close to the theorical one. To avoid lithium oxidation, a protecting layer such as stainless steel can be added. 

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Additional Services



Defining the best parameters to achieve your product specifications.

 UNamur is developing a Virtual Coater (TM of the UNamur) in order to  select the best process parameters to achieve the required properties  for customer product. The virtual coater includes a full virtual plant,  namely setup of the coater, switch on the plasma, growth the layer,  evaluate the final properties.
Virtual Coater allows local mapping of  coating efficiency on real 3D part and prediction of coated layer  (optical, electrical, mechanical...)  



  • Hardness, thickness, adhesion, wear, contact angle, L*a*b* colorimetry ...
  • Composition and morphology* (XPS, ToF-SIMS, NRA, (HR)TEM, (HR)SEM...)

* Thanks to the strong partnership with UNamur and especially SIAM platform (siam.unamur.be),


Reactor Design and Production

Custom made reactors for material coating/functionalization (powder or complex parts). Along with reactor design and production, we propose process optimization and recipe definition to achieve your specification.

 ← Example of homemade functionalization reactor for (nano)powders

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