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Missing expertise, time or staff ? Need to think out of the box ?

R&D externalization has become a major asset; almost 2/3 of Pharmaceutical and Life Science R&D projects are now externalized; it allows companies to focus on their forces and benefit from creativity/expertise/facilities of external teams. Among advantages of R&D externalization, one can mention:

  • Access to additional expertise and more eyes on the issue/problem, 
  • Access to new ideas and innovation that you would not get in-house (Think out of the box),
  • Lower cost of developments and
  • Free up internal staff or equipment

Fast Track Project

  • Want to validate process/coating at pilot scale prior to industrial integration/modification ? 
  • Need a fast investigation regarding a problem or a potential identified topic and lack some internal resources?

Our Fast Track Project is for you.

Research Study

  • Need to understand a phenomenon ? 
  • Need to solve a recurrent problem ?

Our research study is the solution. Such study takes generally more than  4 months and includes:

  1. Problem/project definition
  2. Literature review (scientific/technical papers + patent landscape)
  3. Presentation and reporting of review + Selection of the potential routes to investigate
  4. Evaluation at lab/pilot scale + characterization of properties and performances
  5. Upscale, production and/or solution transfer

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Whether you need some advices to chose between fast track project or research study or simply want to know how we can help you, feel free to press the black magic button to contact us !

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