Surface optimization techniques to enhance your materials

About Us

ICS is a University of Namur spin-off, a small size university situated in the centre of Wallonia (Belgium), which shows strong assets in nanotechnology, plasma techniques and numerical modelling.

  Expertises range from photonic to surface and interface sciences including molecular modelling. Research projects vary from fundamental to applied ones and are often performed in interaction with industrial companies. 

ICS is your surface optimization partner to transform your ideas/needs in real surface-enhanced products. 

ICS is based on 40 years of experience in surface and treatment to improve/confer properties such as adhesion, anti-wear, conformability, anticorrosion, decorative, tunable electric conductivity... 

ICS uses low temperature low pressure plasma deposition techniques allowing the treatment of metal, ceramic, glass and polymers/elastomers under powder form or complex build parts. ICS also proposes Lithium deposition for battery and energy applications 

In addition to its core expertise, ICS also offers potential pre- and post-treatments, simulation (prediction of coating deposition and properties) and characterization.


ICS uses low pressure/low temperature plasma techniques to confer specific properties to your materials.

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